Roto-Fab Drops New System For 2016-2018 Cadillac CTS-V

The Roto-fab CAI system for the 2016-2018 Cadillac CTS-V is available now! After months of development, we’re excited to share the release of a high quality, “no tune required” cold air intake system for the Gen 3 CTS-V. Chassis dyno test results from three very reputable shops have shown gains ranging from 20+ HP up to 30+ HP with the Roto-fab CAI alone on otherwise stock cars. Gains with a tune were even more impressive! Now CTS-V owners can enjoy great performance, sound, and appearance from a single bolt-on product.

While this is the first Roto-fab CAI system offered for the CTS-V, Roto-fab has long been recognized as the performance leader in the 5th and 6th Gen Camaro ZL1 market. In the past, you may have heard that all CAIs perform about the same, or you should choose your CAI based on appearance alone. In today’s world of complex computer-controlled engine management systems, nothing could be further from the truth. Roto-fab cold air intake systems are developed using proprietary methods which truly set them apart from the crowd.  It’s no wonder Roto-fab is used and trusted by so many of the world’s most respected shops.

The Roto-fab third gen CTS-V CAI system features a powder coat aluminum air box custom formed and TIG welded to mate to the stock air inlet duct while hugging the CTS-V contours all the way around. The top perimeter effectively seals to the hood providing all of the advantages of a lid while maximizing air box volume and providing space for a huge filter.

The air box adapter bolts directly to the air box creating the MAF sensor housing on the engine side while transitioning to a huge 6” OD to accept the massive filter. The transition itself is molded to create a mounting flange on the exterior which mates to the air box to isolate the filter from engine bay heat while forming a “bell mouth” entry inside to increase air flow. Due to the solid air box mounting system, Roto-fab incorporates a silicone hump hose connector at the inlet elbow to absorb motor rock. To increase air velocity, the inlet elbow is custom molded with a slight taper throughout its length as it transitions down to the throttle body. To maximize air volume, they maintain a large ID on the inlet elbow then use silicone reducer to step down to the throttle body clamping diameter. The coupler clamps are stainless steel as are all of the mounting screws.

From start to finish, the Roto-fab CAI for the Gen 3 CTS-V is hand designed and built by US craftsmen using high quality materials combined with American ingenuity. Now CTS-V owners can experience what the Camaro market has enjoyed for 10 years!  For additional information on this product and more, visit

Part # 10161061                            Retail $559.95

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