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Video:First Z/28 Crash

Ken Thwaits seems like our kind of guy. There are a lot of 2014 Z/28 buyers who put their Camaro into bubble wrap the moment they got it home, but Ken isn’t one of them – though the car shown in these videos has plates, we’d guess it probably has more miles on a race track than on the street. As a matter of fact, he may have the honor of being the first Z/28 owner to crash the car, and he’s certainly the first to have a crash so well-documented on video.

Thwaits was turning laps at Road Atlanta America when the incident occurred (perhaps one of our readers can watch and identify the exact turn), an overcooked exit to a 90-degree right-hand turn leading to a half-spin and contact with the wall. The broadside hit, seen from outside the car, is impressive:

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