MotorTrend Drinks Fords Kool-Aid & Pisses on 5th Gen Z/28 Camaro!


CamaroNews – MotorTrend always does great reviews and we love always watching the head to head, but this time around their taste in this review was not only disrespectful it was darn right wrong. Jason Cammisa, from MotorTrend starts off from the beginning insulting the car saying things like “It’s wide like a school bus” to a drag race at the end with a guy in a mullet with continued jabs at GM on the price of the Z/28. This clearly shows MotorTrend was not only foolish, but didn’t they forget it was best drivers car last year. All we are saying this could have been done little more tasteful, respectful. We love driver Randy Pobst articles all the time as they are informative and always super professional, Sorry Randy you need to stay clear from Jason he clearly has a lack of respect for a car that blew everyone away and now he pisses on the 5th Gen as it ends production. This is really funny, Camaro outsells Mustang for like 6 years, but GM made the heavy car perform and blow people away including MotorTrend, but now you take a big piss on the grave of the 5th Gen as it stops production. Great job guys way to show your class, shoot I would like to see what Kool-Aid you were drinking. I hope Chevrolet takes notes and shows this reviewer to the exit gate when it comes to review the CamaroSix. This article is not only biased in our opinion, but we hope someone will do a review and take these cars to Nurburgring! Hey Aaron Link let’s do this and show what the Z/28 will do, not that’s an Idea! our money is on the Z/28 that’s for sure.

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