Momentum Chevrolet Holds Camaro Clinic With Enthusiasts


CamaroNews – On December 13th, Momentum Auto Group Motorsports held their first Camaro Clinic at Momentum Chevrolet in San Jose, CA. This Camaro Clinic featured the Chevrolet Performance 3.91 rear gearing coupled with the ZL1 short shifter as an install into the Camaro SS platfrom. With on hand to cover the action and Chevrolet Performance factory rep discussing these upgrades and the features, This event was a sure hit with Camaro enthusiasts. Attendees had an opportunity to get a wealth of information from Jeff James and really opened a lot of eyes to the amount of options that are available for the Camaro from Chevrolet Performance. Momentum Chevrolet installed the 3.91 gearing and the ZL1 Short throw shifter into a stock Camaro SS and made it available for testdrives. At the end of the event a couple of the driving instructors for Speed-Dynamics who are the provider for the Momentum Auto Group Motorsports Trackdays took that Camaro SS for a test drive. They were amazed at the increase of performance with the quick accel kit that was installed and requested to to have that car present at our Performance Driving Clinic on December 20th at ThunderHill Race Park. Please join Momentum Auto Group Motorsports at the track if your interested. They can’t wait to see more Camaro’s on the Track and at next months Camaro Clinic. Special thank to Jeff James at Chevrolet Performance, and Speed-Dynamics, and all who attended the first Camaro Clinic.

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