Laser Customs Adds That Special Touch To 5th Gen Interiors

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CamaroNews – We all like to customize our cars. If it’s window tint, exhaust or even some interior lights , it;s no doubt Camaro owners have the best goodies for their cars. We found Laser Customs out of Florida. Owner Stan Yelnats owns and operates this special company that can create just about anything. The item we are reviewing today is their cup holder light kit for the 5th Gen Camaro. The design is nice and comes packaged nicely. If you didn’t get the factory lighting kit this cup holder customizing is that added touch to make your interior pop. Take a look below at the photos of some done cars and you decide. If you like this product you can contact and order straight from stan. Also make sure to use a special coupon code provided by stand for all our readers. The coupon code is Camaro5 and will give you 5 dollars off his great artwork for your camaro.

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