Great American Car War TV Show (Camaro vs. Mustang) Premieres February 15th on Velocity Network

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GREAT AMERICAN CAR WAR –competition reality television series


There is a feud that has gone on in the U.S., which is almost as old as the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s and that is the feud between Chevy and Ford. The center of the battleground today is the matchup between the Chevy Camaro and the Ford Mustang, as each manufacturer tries to outdo the other. But if you think the feud runs deep with the car companies, you can be sure it runs even deeper between Camaro and Mustang owners and fans.

So, we have brought together two teams of expert car tuners and unique enthusiasts to face off with their Camaro and Mustang cars in a competition reality show series called the Great American Car War.

Each team is assigned a performance shop and competes in challenges to get more out of their car.  The team is composed of four people, a team leader and an engine expert, body expert and suspension expert.  Challenges range from making the car go faster, stop quicker, handle better plus styling improvements. Challenges are settled by actual testing on the track, on the dyno and with unique focus groups. The show is hosted by Jessica Barton, a drag racer and female sports celebrity who has a strong association with motorsports and an existing fan base. Both cars are tested by the same professional race car driver to keep the competition fair.

Teams have limited time and budgets for each challenge, but by winning challenges teams collect additional funds that may be used on future challenges or may win help from well known car experts. The use of off-the-shelf parts and accessories gives a how-to feel to the show, so audiences learn about upgrades they can add to their cars. This one hour format show is sure to have strong emotional connection with its audience. The shop and team that wins the most challenges per season wins the Great American Car War Cup and gets to keep the trophy and all the bragging rights that go with it until the following season.

The use of the Camaro and Mustang are key as over 81,000 Camaros and nearly 73,000 Mustangs are sold each year and these cars have been on the market since the mid 1960s. For the most part the owners of these cars are very loyal and spend more money customizing their cars than most other model cars sold.  The official Ford Mustang Facebook page has 4,412,817 followers and official Chevy Camaro Facebook page has 2,999,106 followers.  We are confident that all of this gives the show a strong social marketing opportunity and will help the show deliver viewers to the network.  The Great American Car War Facebook page started in late January 2012 and with no marketing or promotion and already has a strong following.

Jim Lewis is an established television producer and co-creator of the show. Jim serves as series producer.  He owns a television production company in Florida that has been in business for over 34 years and has successfully delivered a variety of programming to broadcast and cable networks. specifically Jim and his company produced competition reality TV series for WE Women’s Entertainment in 2006.

Mike Wilson is the other co-creator of the show.  Mike produced and hosted the television series “Corvette The American Dream” about Corvettes and “Addicted To Cars” about Chevys and Corvettes.  He is marketing veteran of the automobile industry and is well known to car parts manufacturers and enthusiasts.  He has already secured the support of Ford Motor Company at the corporate level for the show pilot.

Mike and Marcello Conitando from Silverhorse Racing are the Team Leaders for the Team Camaro and Team Mustang respectively.

Jim Lewis

Producer / President

Communications Concepts, Inc.

Team Camaro brings car on the start line

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CamaroNews is proud to support this show and look forward to see the Camaro Vs Mustang shootouts! Enjoy CamaroNews fans!

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