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Cold Air Inductions Inc. Introduces the First Performance Cold-Air Intake for Camaro6 LT1


Cold Air Inductions Inc. Introduces the First Performance
Cold-Air Intake for Camaro6 LT1


CamaroNews – If you’re one of the lucky ones who already owns a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro (or you know someone who does), you’re going to want to know about this super-easy performance upgrade from Cold Air Inductions. Our cold-air intake engineered for the Camaro6 provides up to 27 lb-ft of torque and 11 horsepower at the rear wheels! The installation of our system takes less than 30 minutes, and it will not void your warranty. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

The performance media is already raving about this latest system from Cold Air Inductions. The new system for the 2016 Camaro was featured on the Super Chevywebsite & CamaroNews, complete with an installation overview and dyno test!

Here are the highlights of the new system:

·        Uses the factory tuning (no aftermarket tune is needed)

·        Up to 27 lb-ft of torque and 11 horsepower gain (at the rear wheels)

·        Installs in less than 30 minutes

·        Reusable, lifetime air filter

·        Aluminum air tube and air box (no flimsy plastic to warp and break down over time)

·        Thermal-coated air tube and insulated air box keep the air cooler

·        All TIG welding on the intake system is done by hand

·        Inspection window makes it easy to check the condition of the lifetime air filter

·        The removable air-box lid is held in place with stainless steel, spring-loaded ¼-turn fasteners, making lid removal quick and easy

·        Unmatched quality in engineering and construction

·        Available in textured black powder-coat or near-chrome powder-coat finish

·        Creates throaty air-intake sound that matches the performance exhaust tone of the Camaro6

·        The Cold Air Inductions systems do not void the vehicle warranty

·        Made in the USA

This Cold Air Inductions system is available in textured black powder-coat and near-chrome powder-coat:

501-1100-B for Camaro6 LT1 (V8) in textured-black powder-coat finish

501-1100 for Camaro6 LT1 (V8) in near-chrome powder-coat finish

To help you get these products on your website or in our sales system as quickly as possible, we have set up the following download links for photos and catalog information (click on each one to download):

·        501-1100 System Photo

·        501-1100-B System Photo

·        Camaro6 System Installed Photo

·        Product Catalog Information

·        Product Pricing

These systems are in addition to our extensive line of cold-air intake systems. All of our systems leverage our deep engineering experience with the automakers as well as our knowledge and expertise in flow dynamics and performance enhancements.

Find a Cold Air Inductions dealer on our website, or order the system directly from us at www.coldairinductions.com.

If you know someone with a 2016 Camaro, do them a favor and share this article and great info on the first CAI on the market for the CamaroSix.


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