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Camaro Superfest Michigan In Full Swing


CamaroNews wanted to post about the hottest Camaro rally in Michigan this weekend. It’s already started and in full swing. Check out some photos and get over to CamaroSuperfest today!

CAMARO SUPERFEST 2014 is happening on Friday-Sunday, July 4-5-6, 2014. Will YOU be there? We certainly hope so! Mark those dates on your calendar, arrange that vacation time and get ready for another year of the longest running ALL Camaro event in the USA!

Last year, in 2013, we reached another high registration count of 430 Camaros. YOU can help increase that by attending and brining your Camaro friends with you! Let’s hit the 500 or even 600 Camaro mark in 2014!

Our other major goal for our event – giving to our charity! We did excellent in 2013 by reaching our goal of $5000! Let’s increase that for 2014 by at least another $1000!

The BIG news to share is our Friday activity for CSF 2014 – we’re returning to the high banks of Michigan International Speedway!! 4-7 parade laps and a picture of your Camaro on the start-finish line. It’s always great fun and you can participate! Our Friday night will include at Meet & Greet at Depot Town and Saturday will be a cruise to the Lingenfelter Collection.


Here are some live photos from today.

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