Al Oppenheiser Chief Engineer Of Camaro Thanks Enthusiasts For Making Camaro #1 Again!

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CamaroNews – Today the Chief Engineer of Camaro, Al Oppenheiser said this on his Facebook page – “You heard it here, first! For the 5th consecutive year, Camaro has outsold Mustang!! The totals for 2014 are…….Camaro 86,297 Mustang 82,635 (and that is with both old Mustang and new Mustang together). The Camaro total is the second largest sales year of the entire 5th Generation (88,249 in 2012), which tells me that the public is sending a strong message on which car they prefer – even in it’s last year of production of the 5th generation. Thank you to the entire Camaro Nation, for continuing to grow in your support of this iconic Performance car. Let’s take 2015!! 
CamaroNews would like to say congrats to the entire Camaro Team for a job well done!

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