6 Months Later: Is Roto-fab’s CAI living up to the hype

CamaroNews – When Roto-fab announced their Camaro6 ZL1 cold air intake system, we all knew expectations would be high for the new product. Now, after 6 months of customer testing and reviews, you may wonder—is Roto-fab’s new cold air intake living up to all the hype!

The following dyno sheets and reviews were compiled with the help of Phastek Performance, Dedicated Motorsports (DMS), Aikman Performance, and Camaro6 forums. DMS was the first to do independent testing of this new ZL1 intake. The gains yielded with the Roto-fab CAI alone were impressive, to say the least. After a few baseline runs with the stock A10 ZL1, they switched to the Roto-fab CAI and gained 24 RWHP!! A monster gain for a mod that is relatively inexpensive and so easy to install. A few months later, Aikman Performance conducted some dyno testing of their own. They too, saw gains well over 20 RWHP!


While most people install a CAI for the power gains, there are some other important qualities to consider: Is the product well designed—does it fit your car as advertised? Does it change the engine/exhaust sound? Is the overall component quality something that you would be proud to install on your GM supercar?! We will leave it to the Roto-fab customers to address those points:


Roto-fab Customer Testimonials:

Dave – “I did an independent test Wednesday on the Roto-fab intake on my 2017 ZL1 A10. Stock was 555hp 536tq, changed intake and made 2 more pulls. 580hp 548tq. 25hp gain. No tune or anything else.”

Jeffery – “Couldn’t be happier with the purchase of my RotoFab CAI. Easy installation and love the increased SC whine and the seemingly improved throttle responsiveness.”

Thomas – ‘Do you want to actually hear the supercharger whine as it pulls in alot more air than that little factory air intake? This does the trick. Easy to install with excellent instructions. Fits great and seals to hood when closed.”

Gilgamesh- “Much louder and more responsive.”

“Kermit ZL1”- “Simply put:

Would I buy this product again? Absolutely

Would I recommend it? In a heart beat

Would I re-buy a carbon fiber version? Shut up and take my money!”


All things considered, Roto-fab’s 6th gen ZL1 cold air intake system has certainly met and surpassed the expectations of many. Which leaves only one question: After you install your Roto-fab intake, which mod is next?

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