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CamaroNews – With different manufactures working very hard on the 2016 Camaro some of the first products that we will start to see are exhaust systems. Everyone wants their car to have an aggressive sound that makes them feel like they are driving a muscle car that can own the road.

One exhaust manufacturer that has gotten their hands on a 2016 Camaro SS is Borla. They got their test car in late January 2016 and got right to work building their system. They build their systems using a premium 300-series stainless steel that will give you the best in performance and durability. Borla’s R&D team took into account the different packages that are available on the 2016 Camaro. There is the Single tip exhaust and the Dual tip exhaust or better known as the NPP, Camaro owners have their choice of exhaust system when their either build the car or go down to their local dealer and select one off the lot. With these different options is can take them some time to make sure that each system is built correctly and designed to be sure there is a perfect fit on each kit.

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Although they have not release pricing or availability yet, they have taken the Camaro world and turned it over with their teaser pictures showcasing their build. Phastek Performance has been on top of the development of Borla’s system, the first kit that was built by Borla is a local customer to Phastek Performance. Once they got word that the car was finished and delivered they got with their customer to see if they could get some more information that Borla had not released yet.

What they were able to find out is that Borla has integrated the NPP system into their exhaust system. What the NPP does is that is allows an extra flow of exhaust gases to move through the piping quicker.   It also changes the sound of the car, from a mild to wild sound. In the video link you can hear the sound go from mild to wild almost instantly.

Keep a close eye on Phastek Performance to stay up to date on the latest products that are coming out for the 2016 Camaro!!

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