2014 Camaro Build Counts


image2014 Build Counts

Thanks to Scott Settlemire
Attached are the build counts for 2014. Of note: we built more 2013s than 2012s– and more 2014s than 2013s! (for those who thought that the new grille and taillamps would be the death of the car) This increase is unheard of 5 years into a lifecycle where a 15% decrease is the rule, not the exception.

We cannot break down the numbers further than this due to the hours upon hours of counting and tabulating – but we DID try to cover color popularity, ZL1, Z/28, spring edition, and magenta edition.

Total Production (includes Non-saleable, MVB, CTF, and all Retail/Fleet Markets) 97,632

Production for U.S. 89,377
Production for Canada 3,029
Production for Mexico 1,386
Export 3,840

3.6L SIDI DOHC 323 HP V6 LFX 71,481
6.2L SFI V8 w/Active Fuel Mgmt 400 HP (SS) L99 15,006
6.2L SFI V8 w/o Active Fuel Mgmt 426HP (SS) LS3 8,194
6.2L Supercharged V8 580HP (ZL1) LSA 2,436
LS7 Z/28 Engine LS7 515

Automatic Transmission – 6-speed (V6) MYB 64,238
Manual Transmission – 6-speed (V6) MV5 7,243
Automatic Transmission – 6-speed (V8) MYC 15,006
Manual Transmission – 6-speed (LS3 V8) M10 5,726
Manual Transmission – 6-speed (LS3 V8 & 1LE) MM6 2,983
Automatic Transmission – 6-speed (LSA V8) MYD 1,097
Manual Transmission – 6-speed (LSA V8) MG9 1,339


18 Inch Painted Aluminum Wheel (1LT) SGE 37,673
19″ Painted Aluminum Wheel (2LT) RVB 2,387
19″ Polished Aluminum Wheel (1LT-2LT) RVD 3,553
20″ Polished Aluminum Wheel RUY 18,196
20″ Painted Aluminum Wheel (RS) R42 29,588
20″ Black Aluminum Wheel (1LE and ZL1) RSK 4,417
Memo: 20″ Black Aluminum Wheel (ZL1) RSK 1,949
Memo: 20″ Black Aluminum Wheel (1LE) RSK 2,468
20″ Polished Aluminum Wheel (ZL1) RTQ 487
19″ Painted aluminum wheel (Z/28) R53 515
21″ Spring Special Edition wheel RGU 816

Radio (non-touch-screen – LS models only) UYE 26,189
Radio (Export) UFF 590
Radio (North America) w/o Navigation UFU 43,417
Radio (Export) UFW 237
Radio (MyLink and Navigation) UHQ 24,186
Radio (south America) UHJ 1,648
Radio (Middle East) UHK 974
Radio (Europe) UHR 391

Speaker System – Base UQ3 54,773
Speaker System – Boston Acoustics UQA 42,807

Camaro 1LS 4,722
Camaro 2LS 20,952
Camaro 1LT (Coupe) 21,472
Camaro 1LT (Convertible) 5,474
Camaro 2LT (Coupe) 14,489
Camaro 2LT (Convertible) 4,372
Camaro 1SS (Coupe) 4,284
Camaro 1SS (Convertible) 297
Camaro 2SS (Coupe) 14,872
Camaro 2SS (Convertible) 3,747
Camaro ZL1 2,436
Memo: ZL1 Coupe 1,895
Memo: ZL1 Convertible 541
Camaro Z/28 515


Camaro LS with Black Cloth Interior AFA 23,165
Camaro LS with Gray Cloth Interior AFB 2,509

Camaro 1LT Black Cloth AFC 22,749
Camaro 1LT Gray Cloth AFD 2,969
Camaro 1LT Beige Cloth AFE 1,228

Camaro 2LT Black Leather AFF 13,272
Camaro 2LT Gray Leather AFG 2,130
Camaro 2LT Beige Leather AFH 1,802
Camaro 2LT Orange Leather AFI (W1H) 632
2LT Blue Leather BRD 1,025

Camaro 1SS Black Cloth AFJ 4,193
Camaro 1SS Gray Cloth AFK 284
Camaro 1SS Beige Cloth AFL 104

Camaro 2SS Black Leather AFM 14,441
Camaro 2SS Gray Leather AFN 1,162
Camaro 2SS Beige Leather AFO 743
Camaro 2SS Orange Leather AAY (W1H) 1,094
2SS Blue Leather AOF 1,179

Camaro ZL1 Black Interior Trim ANF 2,436
Camaro Z/28 Black Interior AOH 515
COLORS BY VOLUME (total models)
Black GBA 24,946
Summit White GAZ 15,273
Red Hot G7C 10,298
Ashen Gray Metallic GLJ 9,314
Blue Ray Metallic GXH 9,311
Silver Ice Metallic GAN 8,859
Red Rock Metallic G7P 7,551
Bright Yellow G7D 5,837
Crystal Red Tintcoat GBE 5,297
Magenta G7F 946



RS Package WRS 45,392
Sunroof CF5 24,709
Performance Exhaust NPP 11,824
Memo: LFX NPP 3,555
Memo: LS3 NPP 5,318
Memo: LSA NPP 2,436
Memo: LS7 NPP 515
Recaro Performance Seat (SS only) AYZ 2,269
Performance Shifter KYU 2,880
1LE Performance Package 1LE 2,468
Memo: w/1SS Package 676
Memo: w/2SS Package 1,792
TOP COLOR (convertible)
Black Convertible Top 19T 13,400
Beige Convertible Top 67T 773
Blue Convertible Top (Spring Edition) 816



1EE37 1LS &G7F 32
1EN37 2LS &G7F 233
1EF37 1LT &G7F 249
1EH37 2LT &G7F 188
1ES37 1SS &G7F 37
1ET37 2SS &G7F 116
1EY37 ZL1 &G7F 0
1EF67 1LT &G7F 24
1EH67 2LT &G7F 33
1ES67 1SS &G7F 2
1ET67 2SS &G7F 31
1EY67 ZL1 &G7F 0
Export 1
Total 946


Memo: U.S. 2LT V6 Coupe 230
Memo: U.S. 2 SS V8 Coupe 293
Memo: US. 2LT V6 Convertible 81
Mem U.S. 2SS V8 Convertible 177
Memo: Canadian 35


1EY37 &GBA Black 651
1EY37 &GAZ White 343
1EY37 &G7C Red Hot 232
1EY37 &GLJ Ashen Gray 189
1EY37 &GXH Blue 118
1EY37 &G7D Yellow 99
1EY37 &GBE Crystal Red 97
1EY37 &G7P Red Rock 84
1EY37 &GAN Silver 82


1EY67 &GBA Black 165
1EY67 &GAZ White 85
1EY67 &G7C Red Hot 69
1EY67 &GLJ Ashen Gray 44
1EY67 &GXH Blue 38
1EY67 &GBE Crystal Red 37
1EY67 &G7P Red Rock 36
1EY67 &G7D Yellow 44
1EY67 &GAN Silver 23

&GBA Black 233
&GAZ White 122
&G7C Red Hot 96
&GLJ Ashen Gray 34
&GAN Silver 30

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